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Our Dino Story

As a passionate Art and Design teacher Ross Padgett developed the first Dinosuit 5 years ago as an inspiring educational model with students and staff at his school.


The students absolutely loved the toy and even parents wanted to strut out and about wearing the fossil fashion! 

T. Rex toy development
dinosaur construction toy costume prototype
T Rex sketch

Ross drew up his vision..


  • Create fun filled toys with a traditional construction experience that will promote physical play and interaction plus support educational proclivity.

  • Sustainable materials used throughout, avoiding materials that are harmful to the planet.

  • Ethically produced product supporting community and local design and manufacture

What followed was an enthralling journey of evenings, weekends and school holidays spent designing, prototyping, experimenting with materials, investigating production, industrial printing techniques, copyright law, toy safety and legislation, toy businesses and much more...

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The toy is wholesome with environmentally friendly materials and is a healthy alternative plastic toy products. Praise came for the natural and traditional hands-on qualities of the toy, the positive interaction as parents supported their child constructing them, time together away from devises, real physical play and genuine social fun when the dinosaurs gather!

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