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Dinosuit in UK Schools

The Dinosuits were born in the educational environment being created by Art and Design teacher Ross Padgett to foster learning skills with his students through fun, engaging projects. We are thrilled to continue to support design education for UK schools by collaborating with the Design and Technology Association in creating innovative learning resources in a new ground breaking initiative for the British Curriculum.

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We're proud to be helping to motivate students to tackle real-world problems during KS3, laying the groundwork for future success in non-examined assessments at KS4 and beyond, using methodologies employed in industry.

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'Inspired by Industry' is an innovative project offering a comprehensive range of free learning materials tailored for KS3 D&T educators and students. These invaluable resources are now at teacher’s fingertips, ready to inspire and engage their students. 

For more information on the Inspired by Industry program particularly if you are a school keen to be involved please visit

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