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Our Commitments

environmentally Friendly toy
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95% of the materials used to make our Dinosuits are recyclable with no harmful plastic laminates or additives. We are trying our best to achieve 100% in this area.

These materials, the wood and card, are responsibly sourced from sustainable forests and suppliers which are awarded with the FSC accreditation, recognised globally.

Although the remaining 5% of materials used are plastic these are in fact highly reusable items and not 'single use'. The velcro straps and nylon cord have an adaptable life with examples including waist belts, straps securing bundles, power cords and a variety of indoor and outdoor items.

Unlike most construction toys the Dinosuits can be taken apart and remade over and over again by friends or family. With each part key numbered they can be assembled again using the instructions for lifetime of making fun!

STEM educational toy

Fostering Learning Through Play
Our Dinosuits were actually created within an educational environment by teachers to foster learning skills. These include gross motor skills through wearing and coordinating all aspects of the Dinosuits movement. The suits and instructions are designed for children to create the suits themselves, developing fine motor skills, visualisation and self motivation. Once built the suits encourage socially interactive and imaginative play.
We continue to be active in UK education supporting students through the Inspired by Industry initiative. Please see our page 'For Schools' 
detailing this.

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Designed in the United Kingdom

Ethically Produced
The Dinosuits are designed in the UK and ethically manufactured in China at our SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) audited factory. SMETA is the most globally recognised social auditing accreditation examining workers conditions throughout the supply chain.

Good Practice Toy Award

Let Toys Be Toys is keen to recognise shops and websites that are displaying toys and books in a way that is welcoming and inclusive to all children.
The good practice “Toymark” is a way of promoting retailers who are doing the right thing by our children; good for shoppers, good for shops. 

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